The Black Nova (Japanese: ブラックノヴァ) is a fanonical Air Ride machine. It is a prototype designed with capabilities that would theoretically exceed those of the Legendary Air Ride Machines Dragoon and Hydra.


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The Black Nova is the result of a top-secret program, "Project Ebony", to create the ultimate Air Ride Machine that could even surpass Hydra and Dragoon, and to use its power against Nightmare Enterprises and its monsters. However, before an official test flight could be carried out at the secret R&D facility on Shiver Star, the Black Nova had mysteriously vanished, along with a Star Warrior who was assigned as its test rider. Because of a significant financial setback caused by the disappearance of the only functioning prototype, the project was shut down. However, there was more to the story than what was officially told...

Korzak, the Star Warrior assigned as the machine's test rider, had learned that the project was part of a massive conspiracy. The project manager made a deal with Nightmare Enterprises; he received funding from NME and was promised a position of power if he were to use the Black Nova to betray the Galaxy Soldier Army. Disgusted with the disloyalty of the project manager, Korzak stole the prototype and quietly left the facility. But that was not before he anonymously transmitted the evidence of the treachery to the higher-ups of the GSA. From this, the facility where Project Ebony took place was raided by the GSA, and the power-hungry project manager was charged for treason.

He traveled to Pop Star with the Black Nova in tow, and buried its containment unit at a location that only he knew. Taking a step further, is that the container was modified with something that would make it undetectable by even battleship-grade sensory equipment, so that even if he were to fall in battle against Nightmare's monsters, the Black Nova would never be claimed by evil hands.