The Bulk Star Mk. II (Japanese: ヘビースターII, Heavy Star II) is a fanonical Air Ride machine. It is a redesigned variation of the original Bulk Star.


Physical AppearanceEdit

The Bulk Star Mk. II features a chassis similar to the original, but is slimmer with some more streamlined parts to it. Its engine now resembles a V-twin piston engine, like those seen on motorcycles. It also features a third exhaust pipe, as well as four carburetor stacks on the engine block.


The Bulk Star Mk. II's redesigned chassis allows for higher acceleration and speed, along with better cornering. Although it weighs less than the original Bulk Star, it is still a heavy and durable Air Ride Machine on a similar tier. Of course, it still possesses the high offensive power as its predecessor. The Mk. II's engine design allows it to consume less energy from its charge fuel tank at a time, a new benefit that could be stepped up much further if the user had managed to grab many Charge Patches. Of course, it still isn't very hot at gliding, a flaw that carried over from the Bulk Star.