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Skill ListEdit

Punch ArtEdit

Standard Fighter SkillsEdit

These are the attacks that are well known throughout the Kirby series.

Vulcan Jab

Smash Punch

Spin Kick

Leg Sweep

Down Kick

Rising Break

Overhead Throw

One-Hand Throw

Star Wave

Personal Fighter SkillsEdit

These are the attacks that Fist himself developed.

Smash KickEdit

A sort of mix between Smash Punch and Spin Kick, minus the projectile they both shoot. Smash Kick is a skill of brute force, where he gathers all of his strength and unleashes it in a close-ranged spin kick. At full power, and if the attack hits directly, it can send the target soaring. For Fist, this can actually be a pretty good finisher. However, it takes a moment for him to charge it, otherwise it has the strength of a regular kick.

Charge Kick

Vulcan LegEdit

Quite similar to Vulcan Jab, although noticeably stronger. Instead of using his fist to send out several weak projectiles, he uses his foot in the same fashion.

Star Dash

Star Throw

Ground Pound

Star Breaker

Fists of Fury