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Skill ListEdit

Sword Tech.'sEdit

Scissor CutEdit

A quick double attack using both swords. Frost swings both blades horizontally in a scissor like cutting motion, inward and outward. It's a basic, yet effective attack as it strikes from both sides of the target.

Sword RainEdit

A very quick attack: Frost rapidly thrusts one of his swords at the enemy multiple times, before finishing with a jab with his other blade. The assault barely lasts two seconds before he's already struck at least 12 times. It's quick fast and he can easily chain it with other attacks and skills, but it's fairly easy for him to miss a few times.

Sword BeamEdit

A powerful, advanced technique that always uses the full potential of his power. Drawing energy into either one of his blades from his body, he unleashes a powerful, razor sharp, crescent shaped wave towards his opponent. Depending on which sword he used, the beam takes on a different element. Either one is strong and sharp enough to cut right through most living beings. As such, this is mostly saved for battling Demon Beasts. It took Frost quite some time to master this skill.

Frost/Flare SlashEdit

Given that his swords are elemental, he is able to draw out their powers either in the form of projectiles, or simply expelling them during a swing. The projectiles are either icicles or fireballs, for the most part. However he's shown to have cleverly hidden a bomb of condensed fire energy sealed within an icicle--a trait that a certain other character is known for. In a physical attack, the fire/ice powers simply increase the strength and range of his attacks; Flare Slash may unleash a burst of flames, while Frost Slash may bring out ice crystals and shatter them on the enemy. They're both quite handy techniques and Frost uses them fairly often.

Super Sonic DashEdit


Tempest ChopperEdit

Deadly ThrustEdit

Whirlwind SlashEdit

Finishing TouchEdit

Sword Rain GammaEdit

Hyper StrikerEdit

Final Cosmic BladeEdit


Vulcan Jab

Spin Kick

Charge Kick

Counter Flip

Non-Canon/M.U.G.E.N Exclusive AttacksEdit

Demon Fang

Sword Rain Alpha

Sword Rain Beta

Power Star CommandsEdit





Blast / Light Blast


Misc. Mundane CommandsEdit