Kirby's Dreamland X (Kirby's Dimension X in JP) is a 3D Kirby game available for Nintendo WII U and CreepStudio's U Ultra. It is a game that takes aspects from previous Kirby games as well.

Plot Edit

Kirby was napping under a tree like usual, and everything was peaceful. Until there was trouble in the sky, a strange looking portal appeared while a planet was rolling onto Popstar, it's size made a massive crash on top Popstar's ground. It made a giant hole on the planet. A hooded figure (Gacoloux) appears and sucks in almost every landmark of Popstar, Castle Dedede, the Halberd, and many, many more. The planet leaves and travels to galaxy's end.

Near the end, Gacoloux encounters you, only for him to lose. He gives up and admits he is no threat, Kirby, who is not believing it, precedes to finish Gacoloux, but stops after seeing a Dark Matter cloud. It was heading strait at Pop Star, It turns out Gacoloux was trying to protect Pop Star because he was aware of a Dark Matter presence and wanted to save every landmark. Kirby apoligises and sets off to save Pop Star by taking the Starship, on the way he encounters one of the Dark Matter scouts and quickly defeats it. When reaching the planet, Kirby finds Miracle Matter again, but instead of having Kirby's abilitys, he is fought on his own and uses attacks like springing his eyes and shooting lasers, after his defeat, Pop Star is saved, as it would seem. The bad ending plays showing enemies and copy abilitys, after that, it reads "The End???". And an evil smile can be seen as the screen darkens. This is 02's smile of his fake face.