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Fire Kirby
TypeFire; Elemental
AppearanceHeadband with green gem and real flame
Other PowersLights fuses/bomb boxes, melts ice
Ability Icon
Regular enemiesBurnin' Leo (helper), Flamer, Hot Head
HelperBurnin' Leo

Fire Kirby is a recurring Copy Ability in the Kirby series. It is Ice's parallel, lighting objects and destroying ice.


  • Neutral - Blazing Punch - uppercuts with his fist on fire, launching scorched opponents upwards
  • Neutral (repetitive) - Blazing Combo - punches twice with fireballs on his fists, then kicks with a cone-shaped, fiery flare.
  • Dash - Burn - Forms a fireball around himself and launches forwards. Charging gives it more range and power, and drops 2 fireballs in it's path
  • Air - Fire Spin - Spins in the air, creating a halo of fire
  • Special - Fire Breath - Breathes a long flame that can be controlled in a limited range slightly above and below horizontal. Scorches opponents temporarily
  • Down Special - Fireball Inferno - Lights himself into a huge fireball; must be charged to reach max size
  • Up Special - Fireball Spin - Leaps upwards surrounded by fire and spinning. Hitting a wall causes you to roll up said wall. Scorches opponents temporarily
  • Side Special (SSBK2) - Fireball Burn - It is similar to Burn, but it takes longer to execute. However, it can be charged for damage and distance, and even aimed (about as much as Fire Breath)
  • Finale - Monster Flame - Shoots a huge beam of fire outwards, sucking in nearby opponents


  • Although the move did not come from any game, Blazing Punch and Blazing Combo do make references to older games. It's punches resemble Blazing Flame from Air Ride, and the kick's flames appear similarly to the Super Fireball ability in the Crystal Shards. It's uppercut somewhat resembles Captain Falcon's uppercut in Super Smash Bros. during his side special
  • Fireball Burn is most likely based off of the Super Fireball ability

Flaming KirbyEdit

(Smash, helper Roy)


  • Neutral - Swordfight - swings his sword into different poses, parrying hits and combo-ing for minor damage

Dragon KirbyEdit

(Smash, helper Charizard)


  • Neutral - Rock Smash - headbutts a boulder and crushes it
  • Neutral (repetitive) - Fire Fang - fire punches with his left then right hands, then headbutts the opponent with his cap on fire
  • Dash - Flame Charge - bursts on fire and slides forwards
  • Air - Wing Attack - flaps wings forwards with tremendous power
  • Special - Flamethrower - breathes a stream of fire that can be controlled slightly. Identical to Fire Breath
  • Down Special - Earthquake - stomps the ground, shaking it
  • Up Special - Fly - jumps up a short distance on fire
  • Side Special - Flare Blitz - Rushes forwards on fire. It can be charged and aimed, and is identical to Fireball Burn
  • Finale - Fire Blast - Shoots a huge beam of fire outwards, sucking in opponents


(Shadow Kirby)


  • Neutral - Burning Blitz - spits out three bursts of fire, the third knocking opponents away
  • Dash - Blazing Boot - kicks forwards with his foot in a yellow blaze while leading forwards. Attacking again will make him curve up, leaving an arc of blazes and and kicking straight up
  • Air -
  • Special - Fireball Flurry