Kirby returns in Kirby's Super Smash as one of the main characters. He can absorb abilities to fight his way to victory like usual, but due to Kirby's Super Smash's Smash Bros. based gameplay, both his and his copy-abilitie's movesets change. Unfortunately, Kirby, once again is vulnerable without a copy-ability.

Kirby is the default playable character for the First Player, and other Kirby's can be created to play multiplayer.


Kirby is very light, but had great recovery. He is weak and has low damage and launch power, but this is directly affected by Copy-Abilities.


Kirby's Red Blue Green Yellow
  • Keeby - Pale Yellow with dark orange feet
  • Red Kirby - Red with dark red feet
  • Blue Kirby - Blue with indigo feet
  • Green Kirby - Green with orange feet

All other Kirbys have same abilities. Shadow Kirby, however, is a separate character and has different attributes.


  • Neutral - Slide Kick - Kirby slides with his feet outstretched, doing 5% damage
  • Air - Exhale - Kirby blows out a puff of air, doing 10% damage
  • Special - Inhale - Kirby inhales opponents. They can be spit out or swallowed; swallowing gives Kirby their corresponding ability and does 5% damage, while spitting does 10%. Spit enemies appear as stars until momentum stops. Swallowing more enemies makes the star bigger, and it's damage increases with size. A single enemy spit deals 5%.