Knuckle Joe
Knuckle Joe image
Knuckle Joe in his latest appearance
Title Martial Artist
First Appearance Kirby's Super Star
Gender Male
Species Knuckle Joe
Hometown Popstar

Knuckle Joe is a martial artist and one of Kirby's helpers who first appeared in Kirby's Super Star. There is also an enemy with the same name, the Knuckle Joe's.


Knuckle Joe's history is relatively unknown, but it is assumed he is the only good one of his species, the Knuckle Joe's.


Knuckle Joe is able to perform the Vulcan Jab and Rising Break, extremely powerful moves which can wipe an enemy out in one hit. He also has all of the powers of the Fighter class, since his species give that power when inhaled.


  • None yet.


  • Knuckle Joe is coloured differently from the rest of his species

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