Korzak is a character in Kirby Air Ride 2. He was a Star Warrior who had hidden the Black Nova Air Ride machine from evil forces.



Korzak is a Trident Knight bearing navy blue armor, and instead of a crescent moon on his helm, he wears a five-pointed star.


Though valiant and good-natured, he despises traitors with a passion. He is also a loving father to his adopted son, Dozak.


Korzak is skilled with his trident and could even spin it fast enough for blocking projectile attacks. He is also a cunning technician, capable of maintaining and repairing Air Ride machines, and is even a skilled air rider.


Korzak was a Star Warrior who fought against the monsters of the evil Nightmare Enterprises alongside his fellow Star Warriors and the brave warriors of the Galaxy Soldier Army. At one point in time, he was a participant in a top-secret development to create an Air Ride machine powerful enough to destroy Nightmare's monsters, known as "Project Ebony". He was assigned to be the test rider for the machine's first flight test. After the completion of the only functioning prototype, the Black Nova, Korzak soon stumbled upon a massive betrayal; as it turned out, the project manager had actually received funding from Nightmare Enterprises and was promised a position of power among the enemy forces if he were to use the Black Nova to betray the GSA.

With his burning hatred for traitors, he stole the Black Nova and quietly slipped out of the secret R&D facility on Shiver Star. However, this was not before he had gathered incriminating evidence of the project manager's treachery and anonymously transmitted it to the higher-ups of the GSA, this which resulted in a raid on the facility and the arrest of the project manager for conspiracy to treason.

He soon traveled to Pop Star, and buried the Black Nova's containment unit somewhere in Dreamland, in a location that only he knew. Before he buried it, he added some modifications to make it undetectable by even battleship-grade sensory equipment. This ensured, that even if he were to die in battle against Nightmare's evil creatures, the Black Nova would never fall into evil hands.

Korzak settled down on Pop Star, and adopted a young lad named Dozak, raising him as his son. Before his passing, he left clues to the Black Nova's burial spot for Dozak to find, wanting to entrust him with the prototype Air Ride machine and its great and terrifying power.