" I'll try to stand up to anyone who picks a fight with me!" ~Lukina

Lukina / Luna / Kilu
Full Name:
Lukina Moon
Grey, but her shoes and 'wings' are golden.
Xecel, her sword.
Born In:
June 7,2002
Lukina is a hero that likes travelling her and there, but she never seems to stay in one spot at all. She needs to have something to do at least. Travelling by her Jet Star, Lukina never will stop looking for a place to land, because if not, she'll get lost on her way. Although she travels, she's mostly alone, because the rest was either paranoid, or lazy to come along with her. But the only friends she ever had were Kirby and Metaknight. King Dedede was never counted, because he always would boast to her, in which he calls 'rich'. She still respected him, but just couldn't stand his boasting.

Lukina's Story Edit

Being a simple grey botamon from a cave in White Wafers, Popstar, Lukina had traveled here and there when she got the time.

- Childhood Years : Edit

Her life had started in White Wafers, 7 June 2002. Before she was born, her dad had died a mysterious death. Lukina's dad had mysteriously died, or maybe disappeared when he was on his travels to another dimension. So, only Lukina and her mom were left to fend by themselves. Since then, Lukina never would forget about her mom, and the good times she spent with her. But suddenly, when Lukina was 5, a new villain appeared, and killed her mom. And after researching for a bit, she found out that this 'new villain', was the same one that killed her dad. Poor Lukina was chased until she found another botamon with a cape, Metaknight. She was so relived when she had met him. After Metaknight had chased him away, he introduced himself, with Lukina doing the same. He told her to go back to her cave and pack some stuff, so she could stay for a while Kirby and King Dedede until it's safe.

~ When They Had Reached Their Destination...~

Metaknight and Lukina had finally arrived right outside King Dedede's castle, where Kirby and King Dedede were fighting for a cake again... Well, when the two dashed inside, they were fighting again, but luckily, they noticed of the two's arrival. Kirby dashed to Metaknight and hugged him tightly. Lukina giggled at how Metaknight was pushed backwards to the ground like that. Kirby immediately noticed her, and gestured for Metaknight to explain. "Kirby, and King Dedede, this is Lukina, she comes from a cave in White Wafers", he explained. They nodded, and mentioned to come in with them.