Rena (known as Poro Chan in Japan) is Kirby's adopted big sister in the 2D anime series A Puffball's Tale. She is the proantagonist along with Kirby in the series..

Rena/Poro Chan
Rena is Kirby's big sister. She has a big heart; and robot!
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First Appearance A Puffball's Tale (episode)
Gender Female
Species Puffball
Hometown Apple Town (childhood), Streets (late teenager)


Rena is a 17 year old puffball who has autism. She is yellow and has blue eyes like Kirby. Her feet are orange. She has two thin eyelashes on both of her eyes, and has light orange cheek blushes.

Backstory Edit

Rena was born and raised in Apple Town as an only child by her two parents, whose names are currently unknown.

She grew up suffering domestic violence by her father, and was bullied frequently in school as she grew up. She was frequently called 'retarded' (cut out of the English dub) and 'stupid' by bullies.

But one day when she was 17, her parents were both killed by evil, greedy street thugs while they were coming home from the bakery.

Thankfully, Kirby was out with his family when they heard Rena crying in the trash can near the sidewalk. Kirby opened it up, and he and his family rescued Rena and brought her to a public bath where she had the garbage cleaned off of her.

Rena was then taken home and the parents worked for weeks on getting to officially adopt her. They eventually ended up keeping her as Kirby's big sister.

Personality Edit


Rena's autism Edit

Rena is autistic; she loves her younger brother but often shows little interest, for instance she may not respond to him calling her by name, or understand what Kirby is saying. Despite this, she often shows affection to Kirby by hugging, kissing or waving at him.

Kirby's family were concerned when they first got Rena, that she wasn't 'acting her age' and acted strangely. They also got frustrated and confused why Rena wouldn't interact with her younger brother very much, as well as Kirby's parents getting angry at her crying.

Rena was finally diagnosed a few months after becoming legally adopted.

Rena used to talk somewhat more when she was younger, but due to her trauma from domestic violence and becoming an orphan, as well as being bullied, this rendered her somewhat verbal. In the episode Left Handed Robot she has been shown to learn tidbits of sign language, reading Kirby's hands and signaling feelings like hungry and thirsty.

Rena also seems to show signs of ADHD as she gets hyper and energetic at times, but this has not yet been confirmed.