Yellow Kirby is a character in Air Ride Adventures.


Yellow is usually playing City Trial with the other 7 kirbys in it. He is pretty generic, but he usually gets involved in the city trial drama, such as when a kirby takes another's patch and tries to negotiate with them, but he also likes taking patches from others.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Blue KirbyEdit

Yellow and Blue are rivals, and never get along as they always fight over something, such as a patch or a piece.

Dyna BladeEdit

Dyna Blade hates Yellow Kirby. Though this is because she literally hates every last Kirby on the planet, though she seems to hate Yellow more, due to when she appears for Event time in city trial, Yellow Kirby is the only one who hits her in the head with a star, as Blue Kirby says, Most events are usually only done by Yellow. We Kirbys have better things to do, like running into walls.

Shadow StarEdit

The Shadow Star does not like Yellow. This is because Yellow, like every other Kirby, likes to ride the Shadow Star. The Shadow Star does not hate Yellow the most, as he agrees with Yellow that Blue is the worst, due to him preferring the Shadow Star to ride on. He seems to prefer Yellow, as Yellow might ditch him for a swerve star, and could get the pieces and get a new star.